A Message from England

England Flag

I’m not sure what kind of response there’s been to David Cameron’s call for the rest of the UK to ‘love bomb’ Scotland into submission ahead of the referendum, or whether Scotland will ultimately abandon its claims to independent statehood in response to Ross Kemp’s and Tony Robinson’s heartfelt, and Labour-sponsored, waving of cardboard signs.

But just in case the sight of wealthy, (reasonably) well-known people saying how much they love Scotland inclines you to vote No in September (who wants a proper welfare state that doesn’t force people to use foodbanks anyway? – all you need is love), I wanted to highlight an alternative voice from south of the border. Here it is here, on You Tube.

Now, the video isn’t as swish as the Ross Kemp one is – largely because it wasn’t done by a professional production company – but it does show an English person with no political connections explaining why he thinks Scotland should be independent. His name is Guy Mankowski and he’s a Newcastle-based novelist and PhD researcher. Cheers Guy!


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