Look at the Nice Colours

By Stephen Bowman

The British Government has taken decisive action in an effort to counter the perceptible rise in support for votes for women. After more and more women have expressed their desire to participate in the democratic process, His Majesty’s Government has decided to fly a purple, green and white flag above 10 Downing Street. It has also urged male householders across the Empire to do likewise.

A Government spokesman explained that it was hoped that this would show that the male political establishment had women’s best interests at heart and that they knew best. The spokesman said: “Women don’t need to worry their pretty little heads about anything. We of course understand and appreciate their wish to create a new, fairer and more democratic society. That’s why we’ve decided to fly their colours from our flagpoles. I’m sure when they see all those nice colours fluttering in the breeze they’ll realise that there’s no need for representative democracy and that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.”

In other news, Joseph McCarthy has urged the US Government to fly the Red Flag above the White House in an effort to show communists that they have nothing to worry about.


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